“We are so impressed with the friendliness of the staff and the quality of the equipment at Legacy, it’s like belonging to a country club on the water.”
– Kit & Sue Sause
"Legacy is the best way to have all the advantages of owning a boat without the hassle. Best thing I have done in the past three years was becoming a member."
– Bob Flynn
"Don’t buy a boat until you check with Legacy Boating Club! Legacy makes boating so easy...  The boats are practically brand new and kept up meticulously.
– Scott & Jeri Michie

"Joining Legacy was THE best decision ever. For anyone contemplating joining, just do it!"



– Alicia Humphreys

"Having been members since 2005, we love boating and always look forward to our next adventure on the water with Legacy!"


– Chuck & Pam King
"Legacy is fantastic! There is almost always something available for my family to take out, even if we decide last minute."
– George Reese
"I appreciate the fact that when we call or text the staff, they address us by name and have taken the time to get to know us personally."
– Brooke & Jimmy Boswell
“I joined Legacy Boating Club because it was a good economic choice for me, I wasn’t interested in losing the equity of owning a boat. It’s fantastic!”
– Bob Seton